The weight loss

program that actually works

Reduce your body weight & fat.

Having watched so many patients struggle with obesity and the dangers that come with it, we set out to find a safe, effective and affordable way to help our medical patients lose weight FAST and KEEP IT OFF.

The Program

Calgary Prescribed Hormone Injection diet & weight loss program is specifically designed to help you lose fat and keep it off

What We Provide

We closely monitor every step of your progression and we are available 24/7 for any questions you may have.

The Process

We start with a free consultation at assess your needs and goals. At that point, we can start your program.

Why Us?

We are a medical, aesthetic and weight-loss clinic. Having spent years and countless hours dealing with the consequences of obesity.

What Other People Say About us

  • Having gained control of my body an my mental outlook on all weight related issues, affronted me the chance to redirect my life towards a place I want to live in, not just exist in. I am thrilled that my family will now be able to experience me this way. The way I was meant to be.

  • If you are wanting to lose weight and keep it off, if you can be dedicated to the plan without cheating – then it will work for you too!  The most difficult thing about this diet is looking in the mirror and believing that it really is you staring back!

  • ...Thank you Ashley for all your support and confidence in me, luv you for that! One more short round after spring vacation and i will be done, never to be overweight again!!!!

    Holly Shrader

Contact Information

Modify Body - Head Office

(Located inside Vmedi spa.)

  • #100 – 1919 Sirocco Drive SW Calgary
  • AB T3H 2Y3
  • Telephone: 587.899.0480

Modify Body - Okotoks

(Located inside Catalyst Supplements)

  • #259 – 200 Southridge Drive Okotoks,
  • AB T1S 0B2
  • Telephone: 587.899.0480

Modify Body - Riverbend

(Located inside Oasis Medical Centre.)

  • 216, 8338 – 18 Street SE Calgary, AB
  • T2C 4E4
  • Telephone: 587.899.0480

Modify Body - Edmonton

  • Edmonton, AB
  • Telephone: 1.780.800.5679

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